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Genera Nicholson


Founded in 2021 by Genera Nicholson, Who Set The Standards is a one of a kind special-needs oriented non-profit based in Danville, Virginia aiming to provide engaging entertainment and activities to all children regardless of their individual challenges. 

We represent the special needs, physically challenged, and rare-diagnosed communities, and we are dedicated to spreading awareness and understanding of each of their diagnoses. Our team has over 10 years of experience working with the special needs community, as well as the blessing of raising special needs children. 

We are able to leverage our unique experience with special needs, physically challenged, and rare diagnosed communities to provide the highest quality care, education, and entertainment possible. Our unique experience and education also empower us to create safe and thoroughly enjoyable environments where any special needs child can thrive.

Our team specializes in spearheading various awareness campaigns, school drives, and catering for special needs children at community events and smaller gatherings. Currently, our primary goal is providing special needs communities with equal opportunities and crafting events that focus on their needs.

We are willing to do just about anything to ensure that special needs children are able to fully participate in anything that catches their interest.

We are committed to questioning and reforming the greater public’s standard of normal. Who set the standard, anyways? Contact us now if you are interested in learning more!



What We DoOur primary focus is providing special needs children with the care they need to feel loved, accepted, and able to achieve their dreams. Our team has over 10 years of experience working with the special needs community and currently provides educational, medical, and entertainment services. 

Our services can, and often take various forms due to the nature of the communities that we serve. For example, our team is equipped to attend various community events and set up different sensory stations that allow children to feel engaged and participate in activities that suit their specific needs.


Meet our board members!

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